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Drew is the Founder, Owner-Operator and Head Program Director of Be Strong Gym.  His background as an elite power/strength athlete provides a valuable and necessary dimension to endurance athletic training.  

Drew has competed in: 

  • Strongman - 5 years
  • Powerlifting - 4 years 
  • Army - 6 years, setting and reaching the standard in physical fitness along the way.

Since competing in strongman and powerlifting competitions, Drew has researched and implemented the "hybrid" athlete concept in his own training.  “A hybrid athlete is a unique breed who can excel simultaneously in both extreme strength and extreme endurance activities.”

Drew's training methods and success were used as a case study in a Complete Human Performance seminar: "An Introduction to Applied Hybrid Training Methodology" - "Understanding and Programming Concurrent Strength and Endurance Training," which is designed to educate the fitness community on endurance training for strength athletes, and how to train multi sport athletes. This seminar was put on by the owner of www.completehumanperformance.com, Alex Viada. 

Drew's dedication to the hybrid athlete training model has paid off.  From Drew:  "At this point all the work I have done is well worth being a part of this contribution to the fitness community.”  


  • USA Gymnastics University Certified Instructor - 2016
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Master Fitness Trainer Certification
  • U.S. Army Combatives Instructor - Level One
  • U.S. Army Remedial Phsyical Fitness Training Instructor
  • Certified Crossfit Instructor (2009, 2014)
  • Crossfit Strongman certified (2014)
  • Complete Human Performance certified coaches (2015)
  • American College of Sport Medicine ACSM weight management
  • ACSM Aerobic/ Anaerobic conditioning
  • ACSM 10 Nutrition Tactics of Top Athletes
  • Degree in Science

Athletic Performance and Background:


  • Deadlifted 635lbs then ran a 6:33 mile with only a 3 minute exchange time between on 3/28/15.
  • Completed 5k in 27 minutes, followed by a 600lb deadlift on 5/6/15.
  • Completed a first Duathlon on 6/6/15
  • 18" Deadlifted a life time personal record 800lbs followed by a 20 mile bike ride on 5/23/15.
  • Completed a half marathon with the “Iron Cowboy” within 24 hrs of deadlifting 610lbs for 2 single reps on 6/21/15.
  • Deadlifted 650 pounds followed by a 100 mile bike ride on 7/4/15
  • Deadlifted 650lbs for the Illinois State Record in USPA on 8/15/2015. The next weekend completed 21.25 miles in the painful elimination trail run on 8/22/15
  • Ruck Run 5k while carrying 100 pounds, completed in under 1 hour, winning heaviest weight carried on 11/7/15.
  • Set USS National record in deadlift for reps all on 12/19/15. Then, ran 10 miles the next day.
  • Qualified for Strongman national championship as middle weight and heavy weight
  • In a 6 month time period Drew placed first in 5K ruck run, won the title of Illinois strongest man, placed 1st in a USPA powerlifting meet deadlift only, set a USS national record in deadlifts for reps, and placed 1st in a crossfit competition In his first year as a hybrid athlete


  • February Placed first in crossfit competition
  • April Placed first in strongman competition •May Placed first in strongman competition.-Morton Il 
  • May placed first in strongman competition -Mattoon Il 
  • June competed in Strongman national championship
  • July 4th ruck 22 miles with 22 pounds for veterans awareness Kill22
  • August while currently training for an ultra run and max strength Drew deadlifted 700 pounds for 2 reps. 5 days later Drew completed a 15 mile run
  • September Won the title of Illinois strongest man where he deadlift the ILSA record
  • Qualified for Strongman national championship as a middle weight and heavy weight.