The FULL GUIDANCE PREMIUM plan takes advantage of Endurance Company's and Wellness Data Solutions scientific and practical approach to health, fitness, and exercise to give you the most comprehensive, strategic, customized lifestyle intervention available.

This FULL GUIDANCE PREMIUM plan is co-led by Joe Company, PhD and Carrie Company, MSEd and incorporates testing, training and education into a custom-tailored program. 

There are two general categories described below: “Training” and “Wellness.”  The two categories are independent in that they can be stand-alone services, but they are interconnected in that training will be enhanced through the wellness component, and wellness will be enhanced through the training component.  As we work out the details of your program,we can discuss if there is more or less that you feel you would like.  Our goal is to make the plan specific to you.

TRAINING + HEALTH & WELLNESS: $750 - $950/month  

You get it all with this combo.  See the descriptions for the "TRAINING" and "HEALTH & WELLNESS" programs below. 

TRAINING: $550 - $750/month

The “training” description is specific to exercise training.  There is an obvious nutritional, psychological, and educational component to this, but the focus is on training your body to reach your goal.  Joe’s philosophy is that everyone has the capacity to realize their potential, and given the right environment, education, consultation, and accountability, they can reach this potential.

 Joe accepts people by application only so he can give personal attention to developing and administering a top-tier training program. Joe’s training programs are data-driven with a strong emphasis on data collection and analysis.  Joe’s program’s are also intuition-driven with an equally strong emphasis on your perception of your physical and emotional state.  The synergy of data and intuition that enhances the efficacy of the training program.

There are two price points: 

  • 'LOCAL' ($550-$750/month), which includes everything listed below and is specific to people who live near Bloomington, IL and want one-on-one coached sessions

  • 'VIRTUAL' ($500/month) which omits the asterisked (*) items.

General Overview of the training program

  • Training Programs are specific to you, meaning that the program is unique and individualized to your schedule, your fitness, and your goals.
    • Yearly Training Plan, which provides the blueprint for the training program
    • Goal setting
    • Equipment check and update.  We want to be sure you have the appropriate equipment for the training.

  • *BCF Bicycle Courses (programmed by Endurance Company)*

  • Training is provided on the TrainingPeaks platform.  You receive a complementary TrainingPeaks Premium account.

  • You receive unlimited access to me via text, email, phone, and personal meetings.
    • I will answer text, email, and phone calls promptly. 
    • Face-to-face meetings will need to be scheduled, but will be scheduled as soon as we can.

  • *There are a variety of ‘one-on-one’ or ‘one-on-group’ sessions where I am present to oversee a training session.  Depending on your needs, we will meet up to TWO times per week.  One of the sessions will alternate swim/run.  The other session will be bike/strength.  So, every month (~4 weeks) you will have the potential to have:
    • *2 guided swims. Every other week*
    • *2 guided bikes.  We will have a weekly indoor bike course that you will have access to*
    • *2 guided runs. Every other week*
    • *2 guided strength sessions*

  • Access to all Team ECo benefits including group training, partner discounts, race entry discounts, and the ability to join any ECo Group Training Program
    • in 2017 we have two groups:
      • 1) Sprint/Olympic Triathlon group with the goal being to compete at the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals in Omaha, NE on August 12-13
      • 2) 70.3/Ironman group with the goal being to compete at Ironman Wisconsin, but the group training can be applied to Ironman events later in the year like Louisville, Chattanooga, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, or Cozumel.

  • Sports and Health nutrition counseling
    • Nutrition planning for training and racing
    • Nutrition planning for health (incorporated in the ‘wellness’ portion also).

  • Sherpa service at races.  If you want Joe to join you at a race, he will. You are responsible for travel and lodging, but Joe will be at your service for the race.

Testing Procedures

Understanding your physiology is critical to maximizing the efficacy of a training program.  We want to be sure we are eating properly and training at appropriate intensities, so we have a series of tests that will be conducted at the onset of the program. These tests may be repeated every few months to be sure the training is progressing appropriately and variables are prescribed at the appropriately.

  • Sub-maximal metabolic test on treadmill and/or bike
    • This test provides heart rate and pace/power zones for strength and endurance training protocols

  • Wellness Data Solutions Risk Score
    • This data provides a profile of your lifestyle disease risk and allows us to customize the training and wellness interventions

  • Resting metabolic rate
    • This test provides two useful metrics of which are useful for dietary and exercise prescription:
      • 1) We can accurately estimate the number of calories you burn at rest
      • 2) we can determine if you are a ‘fat burner’ or a ‘carb burner.’

  • VO2 max test on treadmill
    • VO2 max testing is a method of assessing cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF).  The VO2 max test shows us the maximal amount of oxygen you can consume.  CRF is a strong determinant of morbidity and mortality.  VO2 max decreases with age, but with appropriate intervention, middle-aged and elderly people can maintain and even increase their VO2 max.


The “health and wellness” description includes lifestyle, nutrition, stress, and well being component of the program.  Through one-on-one bi-monthly (twice a month) meetings and/or group meetings we will focus on health guidelines, nutrition, your personal logistics towards improving health and wellness, accountability, and your personal wellness vision and goals.  Our health coaching meets national criteria for creating and maintaining lasting lifestyle change.  This service includes your spouse/partner if you wish for this to be a joint effort.

    • Create your personal three-month wellness vision.
      • Objective goals (from testing data)
      • Subjective goals
    • Set bi-monthly goals and be held accountable.
      • Short-term goals
    • Discuss your strengths, hurdles and the logistics in achieving your health and wellness goals.
      • We will use a variety of strategies, including strength based interviews and positive psychology.
    • Bi-monthly or monthly one-hour health and wellness coaching sessions.
    • Supported on-going guidance through text, email and phone support.

    • Education on healthy nutritional habits
      • General guidelines for healthy habits
      • Recipes, types of food
      • Accountability
    • Nutrient Timing
      • What to eat and when to eat it
      • Learn to stabilize energy levels

    • Stress reduction
    • Life balance (family, work, personal goals…

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