The “health and wellness” description includes lifestyle, nutrition, stress, and well being component of the program.  Through one-on-one bi-monthly (twice a month) meetings and/or group meetings we will focus on health guidelines, nutrition, your personal logistics towards improving health and wellness, accountability, and your personal wellness vision and goals.  Our health coaching meets national criteria for creating and maintaining lasting lifestyle change.  This service includes your spouse/partner if you wish for this to be a joint effort.

What do you get?


  • Bi-monthly wellness coaching sessions
  • Wellness Data Solution Lifestyle Disease Risk Score
  • Create your personal three-month wellness vision.
    • Objective goals (from testing data)
    • Subjective goals
  • Set bi-monthly goals and be held accountable.
    • Short-term goals
  • Discuss your strengths, hurdles and the logistics in achieving your health and wellness goals.
    • We will use a variety of strategies, including strength based interviews and positive psychology.
  • Bi-monthly or monthly one-hour health and wellness coaching sessions.
  • Supported on-going guidance through text, email and phone support.


  • Education on healthy nutritional habits
    • General guidelines for healthy habits
    • Recipes, types of food
    • Accountability
  • Nutrient Timing
    • What to eat and when to eat it
    • Learn to stabilize energy levels


  • Stress reduction
  • Life balance (family, work, personal goals…)

What does it cost?


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