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Do you want to spend quality time with an expert?  Here's your chance!

What is it?  

One-on-one Sessions are face-to-face meetings where we focus on a particular aspect of your training.  Normally these consist of a swim clinic or lesson, a bike workout or position critique, run form/technique, weight session, nutrition counseling, etc. There is no formal structure for the personal training session.  If there is something you want focused help with, we are willing to help.    


What do you get?  

You get one hour of undivided time where you and your coach address whatever aspect of training you want.  The goal is to for you to have gained knowledge and skills that will help you improve.      


How does it work?  

You will meet your Endurance Company coach at the appropriate location (pool for a swim workout, track or trail for a run session, road/trainer for a bike session, etc.).  The session will focus on whatever you want it to focus on.       


What does it cost?  

Endurance Company has coaches in the Bloomington, IL area, Columbia, MO area, and Phoenix, AZ area.  Personal training sessions are $50 per session if you are in those areas.  Purchase 4 sessions and get one free (5 sessions for $200). If we meet at a pool or other facility where entry fees are required, you are expected to pay these costs. 

Endurance Company coaches are willing to travel outside of Bloomington, Columbia, and Phoenix areas (within reason) for a personal training session.  $30/hour cost for travel time