What is it?

This is a face-to-face meeting where you discuss your athletic history and goals for the future with your Endurance Company coach.  With your coach's help, you will map out your year's training plan and/or tweak an existing plan to better fit your needs.  Other topics that we can focus on include nutrition, stretching, core, strength plans, and anything else related to your training. This is a great option for a self-coached athlete who wants some guidance in planning their year, learning about periodization, and implementing strategies for constructing a training schedule.


What do you get?

You will receive a Yearly Training Plan based off of the discussion.  It will incorporate all races you plan on doing as well as training phases.  The Yearly Training Plan will serve as your 'blueprint' for your training.  If you have purchased any of the Training Plans, you will received a customized version of this plan based off of the meeting.  


How does it work?

We will schedule an initial consultation meeting that takes place either in person or by phone. You should come prepared with ideas on what your goals are for the future as well as races you have planned.  We will discuss your history as well as goals you have for the future.  Your coach will explain the Endurance Company training philosophy  and together we will develop a Yearly Training Plan, determine your training phases, and set up a weekly plan.

We can also discuss nutrition, and stretching, core, strength plans, and anything else related to your training.  It is up to you.  One Time Consultations typically last between 1 and 3 hours, depending on how much you want to talk about!

After this meeting, you will have a clear idea of how your season is mapped out as well as how to construct a basic week of training and incorporate in the big picture of the whole season.


What does it cost?

$100 to $250 for the One Time Consultation. This typically lasts 1-3 hours, but if you have a lot to talk about, it may last longer.  The consultation fee is waived if the meeting leads to a coaching relationship.

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